‘Where We Draw The Line’

Ava Klink, Co-Chief OP-ED Editor

Elements of the earth have combined to create a unique environment that is able to sustain countless forms of life across the planet. Water gushes across continents in rivers and connects the land by seemingly endless oceans. Trees reach up toward the sky, creating forests that burst with biodiversity. Air flows through the atmosphere, revitalizing nearly all living things. Nature has the ability to fill us with wonder and a sense of beauty that can only come from the wild.
As peaceful as it often is, planet earth is powerful. Water also rises and floods, wiping out everything in its path. Trees can burn and turn thriving ecosystems into barren land in hours. Wind often whips and swirls, causing chaotic destruction. It is difficult to tell what will happen next when it comes to the sporadic behaviors of earth. An environmental event that seems to have come from nowhere can have tragic impacts that last lifetimes. Hurricane Dorian hit in August, and the people it touched in the Bahamas, costal United States and more are still recovering from the damage it caused.
Meanwhile, on land, the Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate. The lungs of the planet are quickly depleting, and many are looking at humans as being part of the cause. To avoid human-stemmed catastrophe and preserve the beautiful aspects of nature, environmentalists are calling for preventative actions to be taken before Earth as we know it changes for the worse.
Teenagers, in particular, have become activists worldwide to show their stance on the plastic problem, climate issues and other environmental concerns. Young people are not only leading marches to bring awareness to issues but have also founded and are running nonprofit organizations to combat environmentally harmful practices. The country is taking notice, and more and more activists are getting involved, including people in North Canton. The school district is keeping environmental safety in mind as they make decisions, and students have the power to be a beacon of change themselves.
If the world does not do its part to protect the planet now, the future will be grim. Every generation deserves the chance to experience a calm and beautiful Earth, and it is up to the human population to do everything they can to keep it that way.