Chance for Change

There’s something in the air and it’s not chemicals

Abby Altman, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Money may not grow on trees, but paper sure does, and Hoover High School is embracing this by implementing changes to create a safer and healthier eco-friendly environment. As students and teachers in a large school district, people often forget to put the environment first. Although this is a hard concept to educate and reinforce to districts, the North Canton City Schools administration has it down to a science. Mr. Dave Pilati, assistant superintendent, has strong feelings when it comes to building an environmentally safe district.
“I believe it’s important for school districts and all organizations to be more green friendly,” he said. “If we all work together, we can save a lot of resources by reducing our use of them or by making alternative choices.”
When Pilati talks about “alternative choices,” he is saying that students need to be the ones who ultimately make better decisions for the environment. These better decisions can turn into actions as well.
“Students can communicate the environmental issues that are important to them through a variety of means such as conversations with their teachers and administrators, club activities, articles in school publications, lead by example [by using] refillable water bottles instead of throw away water bottles [and] encourage teachers and each other to go paperless when possible and when to make double-sided copies and to use both sides of notebook paper,” he said.
Not only can students take steps toward a greener society, but Mr. Todd Henne, the director of business for the district, has implemented environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies.
“One of the most important things we do as a district is to select our cleaning products,” Henne said. “In addition to needing to keep over 800,000 square feet of indoor space clean on a daily basis, we must do so in a manner that doesn’t harm students or the environment. Adding to that, we know that a good number of our 4,400 students suffer allergies or have respiratory issues.”
Keeping all of these specific requirements in mind, it is very hard to find good, safe cleaning supplies. That is why the district has chosen Peroxy HDOX. This was chosen based on its low toxic chemicals, disinfecting purposes and safety for all surfaces. This product allows for a clean school while catering to the safety needs of students and the Earth.
“While the name may not sound all that ‘clean,’ the product is a perfect fit for our school district,” Henne said. “This product is friendly. That is, [if] a student were to be found drinking it, we would monitor him [or] her for a stomach ache, but there would be no reason to call 911 or even go to the emergency room right away.”
Even though as a district the school year can seem to go fast, it is important to sit back and think about the environmental choices at hand. With the help of Hoover’s administration, it is shaping up to be a greener place day after day.
“I believe we all share in the responsibility of leaving this world in the best possible shape for future generations,”  Pilati said.