Holiday Highlights

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Bella Coneglio, Copy Editor

The mere thought of the holiday season brings a smile to most people’s faces, giving us a sweet feeling of anticipation and nostalgia. They can almost taste those homemade meals, hear those familiar songs in their minds, and smell the spiced cinnamon scent of the holidays. These holiday memories mark some of the most important moments in their lives, from birthdays and weddings to seasonal celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

For many people, the holiday season is a time for family, laughter, and love. Through generations and generations, families all around the world come together to celebrate and rejoice. Many traditions and rituals are apart of this exciting time. Every year, holiday festivities are attended, gifts are exchanged and memories are made. Whether you spend time with family, friends, co-workers or the community, these frigid winter months are always memorable.

“Every year, my family and I go ice skating a few days before Christmas,” Hoover sophomore Jessie Rothman said. “We have always loved to ice skate as a hobby, so throughout the years, we have continuously done it during the holiday season. We always put up lights on the outside of our house and decorate while listening to Christmas music.”

Holiday traditions vary depending on things such as religions and countries. This season is a time for family, and in some ways, a celebration of diversity. Many people celebrate multiple holidays, regardless of culture or religious differences, the idea of the family remains prominent throughout.

“My dad is Jewish and my mom is Christian, so the holiday season is full of a lot of celebrating diversity,” Rothman said. “At my dad’s house, we light the Menorah each day of Hanukkah and get one present all of the eight days. We also discuss the story of Hanukkah. My mom, however, celebrates Christmas so we always put up a Christmas tree and get presents for each other that we open on Christmas Day.”

These most festive months are a time for family, prosperity, and celebration. It is important to remember the valuable things during this time. Being with your loved ones during this season has become a core value for generations.

“I love any holiday I get to spend with my family,” sophomore Brenden Slaterpryce said.  “It is always nice when I get to spend time with the ones I love. I would not be the person I am today without my parents. Holidays are always days that you should spend the most amount of time with your family.”

People come together around this time to celebrate unity and core beliefs. While Christmas is probably one of the most universal holidays, families celebrate other festive events all over the world.

“February is called Fastnacht, Fasching, or Karneval,” German exchange student Luise Ratzenberger said. “A highlight of this holiday is the Rosenmontag, which is the main celebration day of Karneval. It features parades where everybody dresses up in any type of costume, and ceremonies to drive out any evil spirits. What makes it special to us, is that we can enjoy the time together and make new great memories.”

As the holidays approach, it is important to remember the true meaning of this season: family, generosity, appreciation, and joy. Spend time with your loved ones and appreciate every memory made. Carry out traditions that will last a lifetime, and make the most of each gathering.

“Never take what you have for granted, even if you don’t have a lot,” Slaterpryce said. “When a chance to spend time with family appears, always make the most of it. One day, you may not have the same chance.”